Natoma Manufacturing Corporation's commitment to providing customers with the highest quality product means our manufacturing must be done with powerful, reliable equipment and adhere to thorough inspection and our strict Quality Management System.

Industries Served

Natoma Manufacturing Corporation currently produces parts for many industries including aerospace, medical, electronics, communication, environmental, and energy.  However, we are always looking to expand and always increasing our capabilities to serve even more.


Our shop is capable of manufacturing small, precise products made from almost any material used by the industries we serve.  Our customers most often ask for aluminum, but we also work with steels, titanium, tungsten, copper, phenolic, and many other metals, plastics, alloys, and compounds.  We have several saws available, allowing us to work with bars, sheets, blanks, plates, or other forms of raw stock.


Precision Machining

Natoma Manufacturing Corporation's technicians use more than thirty CNC machines to manufacture products as specified by customer blueprints.  Our mill section is comprised of numerous vertical mills, including 4 axis, 5 axis, and 3+2 axis machines, along with a few horizontal mills.  We also have several super-precision lathes, swiss lathes, and 7-axis mill turning centers.  Under most conditions, the mill department can reliably hold tolerances of .0002 inch, while our lathe department can hold as close as .0001 inch.  Full machine list available on request.

A massive array of endmills, drills, inserts, taps, boring bars, and other tools are kept in stock in our tool crib; we have the tools for almost any job.  In the rare case that we don't, we can quickly order uncommon tools our customers may require or use specialized tools provided by them.


Our Finishing department assures all products are deburred, cleaned, and coated to meet customer blueprints.  All parts are cleaned and deburred unless otherwise specified by the customer.  Current in-house coating capabilities include:

  • Nadcap-certified chemical conversion coating to MIL-C-5541 and MIL-DTL-5541F, type I and type II
  • All citric and limited nitric passivation to SAE AMS2700 and ASTM A967.  

When other plating or chemical processes are required, they are subcontracted to approved special processing suppliers.

Hardware and Assembly

The Special Operations department offers the capability to handle light assembly, marking, and other processes.  We keep a number of secondary operation and assembly machines in-house, allowing us to insert helicoils, pressed pins, bolts, and more, as well as provide precision high-powered fiber laser marking.


Production Inspection

The Quality department is involved with every step of production.  All operations from raw material to shipping must be authorized by Quality before proceeding.  Both Quality personnel and Machinists are required to inspect parts regularly as they are manufactured each day.  Inspections are documented, but customers may request AS9102 FAIRs when ordering.

Quality Personnel

Trained Quality Inspectors periodically inspect all parts in production throughout each day.  A group of inspectors is tasked with thoroughly inspecting parts prior to post-production operations, such as plating, laser etching, inserting hardware, and shipping to the customer or 3rd party.

CNC Inspection

Our Quality department houses several CNC CMMs and camera-based measurement machines from industry-leading companies such as Zeiss, Wenzel, Keyence, and more.  Quality Programmers use these machines to increase accuracy, repeatability, and inspection speed, particularly with intricate products.


Every tool or gage used for inspection at Natoma is calibrated on a regular schedule by a dedicated Calibration Specialist.  Standards such as gage blocks and surface plates are used to calibrate most tools in-house.  All standards, CNC machines, and any other equipment we cannot calibrate in-house are done by trusted third parties.  All traceability is logged.