Natoma Corporation was started in 1982 by founder Gail Boller in Natoma, Kansas.  In 1984, the company was moved to Norton, Kansas, with the support of the City and other local business owners.

Starting in Norton with only 2 employees, Gail led the company to flourish, developing relationships with numerous customers across the country.  Just as importantly, many talented individuals joined the staff, bringing new expertise to the table and allowing Natoma Corporation to obtain quality certifications important to the industries we serve.

The facility received four notable additions between 1984 and the present, resulting in a building of over 70,000 square feet, more than thirteen times the size of the original.

These have provided room for more machines and larger departments, but also allowed opportunities to add a variety of utilities to improve workflow, efficiency, administration, environmental controls, and new technologies.  These include heated concrete floors, logical department placement, efficient network distribution, secure storage areas, and solar panels (added in 2017; not present in aerial photo yet).

In May of 2017, Natoma Corporation was acquired by Darin Campbell and Mark Griffey, becoming Natoma Manufacturing Corporation.

Having more than 40 years combined experience at Natoma Corporation, they have continued and are looking to further the traditions of excellence and push Natoma to even greater heights in the future while helping our customers do the same.